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    I have a Treo 600 with Verizon Wireless and am about to head to Europe for a couple of months. I know Verizon doesn't work there, but is there any modification I can make to the phone where I could access a European carrier?

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    Nope---you have a CDMA unit, which is a paperweight in most of the rest of the world. Europe uses GSM. Maybe you could buy a GSM T600 on eBay, or just get a GSM phone and bring your T600 as a PDA.
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    I used my (GSM) Treo 600 in Spain a few months ago. I just had to uncheck one setup box for it to work. It's truly a world phone.
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    As a fellow tmobile guy with a treo, I'm curious, what did you uncheck? I'm heading there end of month, and going to put the TD1 card in, so I want to be able to get my pop mail with snapper like in the states.

    Thanks in advance.
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    z_everson - You can also sign up for the Verizon Global Phone service. This gets you a phone with dual CDMA/GSM capabilities, so you get to use it worldwide and everybody can reach you on one number. Verizon has other plans that allow you to associate your number (normally assigned to a CDMA handset) with a GSM handset. Pricey and doesn't offer the functionality of a Treo, but it works as far as keeping the same number.

    See this link for the Global Phone Service -

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