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    Hi guys,

    Wondering if people would like to join in on this testing to see if we can make this work.
    Dont know if anyone ever tried before, but the T3/T5 version of TomTom installs perfectly onto the Treo 600, and runs. It lets you run through the menu's etc and set up the voice. Unfortunately the guy i borrowed the disk from now cant find it, and as such, i have no maps to test with. It currently just says "No maps found" or some such thing.

    Anyway, anyone who might have a disk lying around who didnt think it would work, please test and add your progress to this thread!

    Im looking into buying the full software and maps but im not willing to do this until i know it will work, cheeky i know, but sensible also.

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    Update. Got my hands on the "major roads of europe" map. Absolutely zero use to me as it doesnt show my location, but it DOES work. I do not have a GPS receive as yet to test this, but the map loads and plans routes. It even looks perfect on the 160x160 screen.
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    The only GPS receiver i have here is one belonging to my old man. It is a Bluetooth one so no go im afraid Tried plugging it into a USB hub and then plugging my treo into the hub using the USB sync cable i have. Nothing from that im afraid. Planning a route leaves a flashing message waiting for GPS receiver. Im pretty confident this would work with a known working GPS receiver.

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