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    Thanks MacJunkie. I'm Palm Stupid and He walked me through step by baby step. All is well, and working great.
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    Mad props to you for doing the ROM update, yo. I was just there to be a calm and reassuring voice.'s the sound quality? Anyone notice a difference?
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    Not yet. Seems good so far, but I'll test more tomorrow. Big thing seems to be I can't hotsync via blutooth now. Haven't ironed it out yet. Resetup on treo, and on PC. No Go. I'll try more in the morning. Anyone else reported probs similar to this after installing the Sound/DUN ROM?
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    I haven't heard of anyone having a hotsync problem after the ROM update.
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    Well, I can't get the blutooth hot sync to work now. Maybe if I reinstall my PC software, and try again. I'll do that later today as I'm at work now. My wife says I sound much clearer now and I have the volume on the speaker phone turned all the way up. THANKS SHADOWMITE!

    Although, I thought the ROM update would fix the versamail softreset problem... Still getting the Soft reset though.

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