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    What is an Easter Egg?!!
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    Its something that the programers put into the software to do something cute. Win95 had one that would list all the developers of the software. There are a couple in the palm os. ex, got to preferences and use graffiti to make the # sign. Wait 10 secs and you will see a little inch worm on the screen. See, something cute
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    Pretty pastel colored eggs hidden randemly by a big giant bunny rabbit.
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    Yes Easter Eggs are fun, but they take up space, and are the reason why some software is called "bloatware". I have enough problems finding enough space and speed on my computers, both PC and PalmOS, that I don't need to humor the egos of the programmers out there.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

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    I doubt that 'easter eggs' take up that much space. Each might take 1K (at the most). And that's in something like Windoze. On a PalmOS's probably a couple bytes.

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