Anyone purchasing music online from Real's Music store having this problem (or have a better way to buy music online for the Treo):

- I purchase the songs, download to my PC and transfer to the SD card, stick in Treo and play songs on Treo (Palm) Real Player.
- This often works for some period of time (days to weeks), until eventually when I go to play a song on the Real Player, I get a pop-up window that says, "Unable to play content" and explains that I dont' have the right to play the protected content which I purchased.
- The Real site's help on this issue is limited to saying that resyncing might help. Sometime it does. Sometimes it doesn't. Eventually the real software causes a soft reboot of the treo and then usually I have the right to play my purchased music again (ha!).

Any ideas? Got a better way to buy music online, I'm all ears?