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    I'm not sure if this is an issue that just started or...I just was more awake/observant today than usual.

    This morning, while surfing this forum (mobile version) using Blazer/Small Font/Optimized display, I noticed that a lot of posts:

    1) contained lines that did not wrap correctly,
    2) were missing words and/or letters,
    3) showed only parts of letters -- they were truncated in the middle (e.g. a 'y' looked more like a semi-colon ';').

    I tried a couple of things....

    -- Changing from Optimized mode to Wide mode did not resolve the problem(s).

    -- Changing from Small font to Large font corrected all the issues that I mentioned!

    Has anybody else noticed this? Has it always been an issue but I have just overlooked it up until now? Anybody have a fix/solution (other than using the Large font)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Does nobody else have this issue? Could something that was installed have affected this?
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    It's probably some other app on your system that's trying to override the font.
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    I just recently started using the small font and haven't noticed any significant problems yet. The spacing of the words seems to be a bit more difficult for my eyes to distinguish than the large font, i.e. the words seem to run together more.

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