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    I've been very happy using my LG phone and my Tungsten T2. I used a cable to connect the two. I had no immediate plans to upgrade although I've been eyeing the Treo 650. It's limitation to Sprint has held me back.

    Last week I accidently left my T2 on the roof of my my car. (Don't ask). Well, it fell off and got run over by perhaps 1,000 cars before I recovered what was left of it's broken and mangled body. This thing flew around the world with me 4 or 5 times, and it dies a mile from my house.

    I've borrowed a Tungsten T1 from work in the mean time. It's a far different machine. (Crappy screen, small memory, oddball old style grafiti which I've forgotten how to use.) I'm not complaining, but I miss my T2.

    I looked at the T5 ... it's crap (more like a Tungsten E2 than a T5). I'm down to either getting another used T2, a T3 or a Treo 650. Hopefully an unlocked GSM version will come out soon.

    (Just ranting ..... I hate when the product I want exists ... but I can't get it yet.) I've got this T|T1 for another 4 or 5 weeks. Hopefully something happens during that time because I'll have to pull the trigger on something.
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    I love my 650. I wouldn't consider using anything else.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    How is the screen size? Is it bigger/smaller than the T2 ? How usable would you consider it?
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    Do you have a Sprint store anywhere near you? They should have one you can play with. I'm not sure about the T2, but the screen is definitely smaller than any of the older Palms I've owned. But it is very, very sharp, and very bright. Very easy to read.

    There are compromises in the 650, compared to a good cell phone and a separate PDA, but the advantages far outweigh them, IMO. It's very useable, and I won't go back to a separate phone and PDA. Nor to a PDA without a keyboard.

    The GSM version is supposed to be out by the end of this month. Hopefully Treocentral or Palm1 will sell an unlocked version, as I think they did when the 600 was released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by driven01
    Thanks for the reply.

    How is the screen size? Is it bigger/smaller than the T2 ? How usable would you consider it?
    No T2 experiance myself, but the 650 screen is VERY usable. You really cant appriciate it until you get one in your hand and play with it. Guranrantee you will be hooked.
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    Thanks guys .... I'll see if I can find a sprint store and dork with it.

    I don't mind paying extra for an unlocked version. I'd like to toss a local SIM card into it when traveling internationally. (Which is my primary motivation for a GSM / unlocked phone in the first place.)

    The keyboard will be a big plus. I hate grafitti, but mostly because my handwritting sucks eggs. I love keyboards.

    That said: I still miss my T2. (Stares longingly at empty cradle on desktop.)

    One caveat: I *must* be able to use the darn thing as a modem for my laptop. I think Sprint disabled this feature. (I have not checked back in the sticky thread to see if anyone has bypassed this or not)
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    Driven, are you tied to a dierent carrier? I ask because I, like many on this forum, have had no problems with Sprint. It might be that I live and work in NYC, and there is about as good of a blanket of coverage as you'll find with any carrier here. For myself, I have to say that Sprint gets the short end of the stick when people talk about wireless carriers. It's such a subjective experience (location, equipment, services) that all I can say is that if you need an upgrade, go'll not regret it...
    Sooner or later it's bound to be later...
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    I am not under contract now. (Which is quite nice I may add). I am a current VZW customer. I've been leaning GSM because I travel to SE Asia about 4-5 times per year and such a phone would be helpful. (My CDMA phone becomes nothing more than an alarm clock during such trips.) If I end up back on another CDMA carrier I would most likely have to buy a second phone for use only overseas. (Which *is* an option.)

    Can you use your phone as a modem for your laptop?

    My only other concern is coverage. I live in Atlanta. My parents had sprint. They couldn't get a signal in their house. (They live in Alabama a little bit west of me.) If I decided to go with them ... (and in 4-5 weeks if there are no other options I might.) then I'd have to have some sort of trial period to test coverage.
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    Yes, you can use the 650 as a modem for your laptop. You might need the bluetooth DUN hack by shadowmite though. Sprint gives you 2 weeks as a trial if no service then return it. By the way I live in North Atlanta Sprints coverage is great in Atlanta IMO.
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    You are all turning out to be a terrific resource. Thanks for your patience.

    Am I *required* to sign a contract with Sprint, or can I pay full price for the phone and be contract free? (I only ask because I believe many vendors are requiring a contract now, even if you own your own phone at the start.)
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    you can always buy your phone direct from palm1 or treocentral or some other place w/ no contract

    you can use PDANet to use your 650 as a laptop modem - no ROM hacking required....

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