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    I've been reading the board for almost a couple months now, and havent seen anyone report this oddity. When I pick up a second call through call waiting, the phone seems to randomly swap between the 2 calls (even if one has already hung up).

    It only seems to happen when I've got the phone to my ear, but I've tried holding it out at a near 90 degree angle from my head, just to make sure my cheek isnt touching the screen by accident...yet it still happens.

    Unfortunately, this is my 2nd 650 (my first was returned due to the ear speaker crackling and popping), and it's happened on both phones.

    Has anyone experience a similar issue?
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    I've had it happen several times also. Must be the cheek touching the screen.
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    Has not happend to me with the 650. DID happen to me on the 300 a few times as it seemed my screen was very sensitive and I installed a screen protector that triggered the problem. The first time I had the protector on,a bit of it was pushed under the edge of the "frame" around the screen and was putting pressure on part of the screen that caused what seemed to be random button pushes. One of the random button pushes I got was call-swap,. but happend other times as well. I didnt have it so wedged in there that it was a constant problem, but it was like the "button" in quesion was "pushed" most of the way all the time and the slightest pressure on the frame around the screen or holding the case the wrong way (ie squeezing it a bit) would cause the screen touch to happen.

    After I figured out the problem and trimmed the protector, that issue went away.

    I do have the out-of the box protector on my 650 right now and made sure none of it was under the frame and no problems so far.
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    thanks for the feedback...I have a screen protector that seems to be slightly pushed under the frame. Ill try adjusting it.

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