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    I got problems in installation of Epocrates,
    after download the file from, follow the step by step installation instruction and the software was installed into my PC successfully. When I try to Hotsync the files to my Visor deluxe, an error message popup on my screen "The Hotsync operation was interrupted. Some of your data was not backed up.". Then the View Log shows "install sychronization failed & hot sync error: connection is lost (6410)". I've try sereval times to re-install the software, even download the .exe & .zip from the website again, but still can't complete the hotsync process( If I removed all software files from Install Tool of Palm Desktop, I can proceed hotsync properly).
    Anybody know why?
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    Sorry Hongkongman,
    I didn't have any problems in installing or running epocrates, which by the way is a great program which will hopefully will continue to improve. However, I have had trouble getting the autoupdate feature to work. It apparently tries to update the drug database through a avantgo channel, but I just get a message stating I should upgrade my avantgo program. I don't use or want avantgo on my visor, besides I don't think installing the full program would help this problem. Anyone having similar problems with the autoupdate feature?
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    I am having a simalar problem with epocrates. I don't have an the epocrates icon on my palm, but I see it autoupdating on my desktop pc.

    Any Ideas?

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    I have installed Epocrates twice. On the second time i did it before i installed Avantgo and now, when i synchronize the Avant go uses the Epocrates autoupdate software but when it tries to connect to Epoctates server it says the there is a problem with my login name or my password...
    ...but the great. Maybe I will try to delete the Avantgo..
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    Using ePocrates on my Mac system with no problems, though I haven't tried an autoupdate yet. I'll post if gremlins surface. Great program!
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    deleted AvantGo and it works ok...

    very nice software.

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