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    Should all software that runs on the 650 be able to run on the 600?

    My wife just got a 650 and I'm interested in updating my 600 with some of the software that it came with.

    With FileZ it appears possible to beam software that is on the ROM - is there any reason why I shouldn't try beaming over the 650's Blazer web browser to the 600?

    PalmOne should really give 600 users an option to update to the 650 software package.
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    I'd be interested to see if you could get the 650's picture software onto the 600 and see if there's any difference in picture quality. I think the camera is very similar, but the improvements are in the software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PabloTX
    I think the camera is very similar, but the improvements are in the software.
    You're right - I should try copying over the camera software, at least for the features. Though I had assumed the improvements in image quality were hardware related - that there was a better lens.

    I would be surprised if no one else has tried this yet! (and can tell me why I shouldn't try it)
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    shadowmite said don't do it... os not compatible
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    Thanks for the feedback - I won't do it. And I assume this applies to Blazer as well.
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    yes, blazer as well incomp...

    feel free to chime in shadowmite
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    I think what Shadowmite was warning against was trying to flash the 600 with a 650 ROM. Copying 650 programs to 600 RAM shouldn't cause any problems that can't be cured by a hard reset. BUT, I suspect you will require hard resets for at least some of these programs, so make sure you have a current backup first.

    Some of these programs aren't going to run simply because the require a high res screen, but some might run, so it might be worth a try.

    As far as the camera, I'm sure there are some software improvements, but there have to be hardware improvements to. No way the CCD (the digital sensor) in the 600 could be upgraded to the low light sensitivity of the 650 via software only. (Yes, I'm a photographer, and know a fair bit about digital imaging).
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    You're assuming a different CCD. From what I've been able to tell, the hardware is essentially the same.

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