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    I have been trying to put DVDs on my Treo 650 with no luck. Pocket DVD Studio doesnt record properly. Pocket DVD don't seem to be able to get past copyright coding.

    Can someone show me a simple way to get this done?
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    Make sure you are using the latest version--2.10 and that you have all of the needed codecs installed. You might want to drop back to the 1.2.6 version. That one is probably the most stable.
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    Where does one get the proper codecs?
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    The codecs are listed on the download page. I use Divx.
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    The most recent version of Pocket DVD and the codecs are available here.

    Also, if you're having problems with "navigators" see this message:
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    Exactly what error message are you getting? Is it "key registration"? If so, youneed a DVD Navigator and you can get the right one by downolading the trial version of Power DVD.

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