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    This STINKS. I have been waiting for the Quo Vadis HandyGPS. IT has been delayed until Mid-April.
    would like to start using Quo Vadis right now, but I don't want to buy Quo Vadis for $65 today, then spend another $135 in April for the Quo Vadis HandyGPS. I ask sales at Marcosoft if they offered some kind of discounted price for people upgrading from Quo Vadis to Quo Vadis HandyGPS?

    Sales wrote back that "Unfortunately you will still pay the same amount for the GPS since they are two totally separate products.
    To get the best deal, you may want to wait for the GPS bundle."

    Are there any other options for a GPS/Map program for the visor?
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    Let me get this straight: You have to buy the springboard for $135 AND the software for another $65?
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    Software: check out RandMcNally's StreetFinder (powered by JungleSoft with ETAK maps); on PalmGear. Looks pretty good.

    GPS: haven't seen any other GPS Springboards.
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    Handy GPS will come with all the US maps. So don't worry. I'm waiting too for this product! Hopefully, when a color visor comes out, we can upgrade to a color version of the maps!

    Hmm.. can we use rand mcnally's maps with the Handy GPS springboard? Theoretically, it should work right?

    Just wondering what the software options are!

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    Quo Vadis = maps for all the US + the palm app to read the maps.

    Quo Vadis HandyGPS includes all the above plus a GPS plugin.

    I would hate to buy the maps/software twice.


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