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    I'm not sure what exactly happened... I installed mnotes yesterday version 3.6 (the only one that works with the T650?) had some problems wirelessly connecting to our work server since apparently it's not backwardsly compatable and we use Version 7 configuration database and it needs 8. Well after exchanging some brief emails with tech support at commontime the first thing he said to do was delete the app from my Treo, did that, he also noted some additional files to ensure they are removed via any file browser.

    I did this and it blew away all my personal settings on the phone. Ticked I restored from backupman (yesterdays prior to any mnotes install) after a hard reset. Well same troubles now almost everytime I run certain apps it resets and when it resets I lose all personal setting and many times reg id's. Things I would lose are like my datebk 5 reg, takephone reg, ringer settings, versamail (the WHOLE program would not run just resets the device) and a host of others.

    Soooo this morning I come in to work and try to connect to a vison based site, nope cannot initialize vision some wierd error about mismatched file size. Sooo I hard reset and start with the basics, load datebk and takephone on.

    Before getting to even run either of these apps it resets and now is stuck in a perma reset loop.....yeppers fooked. so is anyone interested in buying a cheap(er) T650 when I get this exhanged from Sprint? I think I'm gonna go back to my trusty I500 or something else on the market....

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    No, I don't think you can damage the ROM with just a normal software install.

    But if you hotsynced between the time you installed the app and when you deleted it, you copied all the apps files to the backup directory on you PC. So after a hard reset and a hotsync, you get all those files restored again.

    Make a copy of your backup directory (just to be safe), then delete all the files related to mnotes from your Treo AND from your backup directory. You should be okay after than.

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    I hadnt though, I used Filez to delete the couple of orphaned files and rebooted to clear it out and run clean. Thats when it all happened, infact I never hotsyncd again since this happened. I've hard reset even and no go. Now It's in endless reboot mode so it's toast, I can do a 'hard reset' in the loop but it made no difference.

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    I hate the msafe,mnote,mnews and the entire m line. The way to correct the situation is to use filez to delete all the files created by the m app sort by creator. Then soft reset and you should be fine. msafe did the same thing for me, thats how i resolved the situation.
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    Thats what I did, I used Filez to delete them and now I stuck in endless loop
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    Sorry to say but time for a hrad reset.
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    If the hard reset isn't bringing you out, how about the system reset (hold up while pressing reset).

    The 650's memory has serious issues with sometimes corrupting for no apparent reason. Looks like a buffer overflow condition that sometimes writes to random memory. If that memory is in the rom store, the phone sometimes gets like yours. If you can't get it out, you'll need to return it to the store for a warranty replacement. I'm working on a procedure to restore any phone with a good rom via SD card, but it's not complete yet.
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    Shadowmite, trying that doesnt seem to do anything I think some type of ROM failure occured since I was getting errors about size mismatch with ROM files not added apps. I also could not do simple things like connect to vision after the one hard reset I did and tried to use the device afterwards.

    oh well. someones got to be the first to have this wonderful new NVFS fail....

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    I am having the same problem (corrupted ROM). Just started tonight. I do a Hard reset (hold down power button reset - Yes to Erase all data). When the phone reboots I try to enable Bluetooth and I get a dialog that says, "Please wait" and never goes away (the phone locks up). If I reset I just get the Palm Powered screen forever.

    If it do a warm reset (press up on the 5 way during a reset) the phone reboots but if I select the Bluetooth app. I get "Missing Bluetooth components. Prease re-install software."

    Spring rep. on the phone had no clue said to try the new Bluetooth CarkitUpdate. Didn't make any difference. Said to take it into the local store. I just got it in late Dec. I can still return it. I'll set what they say at the store.

    I would really love to get the Rom Loader so I could customize the Hard Reset state of my device and so I can FIX my corrupted ROM (now and in the future as I'm sure it will happen again sometime). The sound update would be nice too.

    Follow up:
    Well it turns out that there is some additional software installed when you Hotsync the first time that the 650 needs for Bluetooth. Not sure why it crashes without it. You would think the ROM that PalmOne ships the Treo 650 with would be a fully functional system. Guess I am presuming too much.
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    Yeah I went around and around with the local Sprint stores here yesterday. I bought my phone from telesales and the local stores were like uh well then you HAVE to return it through them. I called telesales and the guy told me they are full of sh*t, he even conferenced me over and we called the local store and the manager of the store was playing dumb like he never heard of that before. Needless to say the store AND telesales were out of the phone and they said they are both anticipating a 2 week delivery time on thier next one. Sigh I asked what I could do and he said the store could swap me out any comparable phone straight up. Ok what do you have....G1000 and a Treo 600, both even swaps no cash transaction. I said WTF a 2.5+ year old goliath brick ppc phone and the precursor to this model are even swaps?! Next below that was a $119 flip phone which he could do an even swap for too.... sigh... not sure what I'm gonna do now since they were not expecting more in for some time AND I'd be put on the same list as everyone else to get one right now 4ish people on it so if they only get 3 in I'm still screwed gotta love it.


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