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    I've been trying to set up my Treo 600 to play ripped DVDs via the PocketDVD software and the MMPlayer...but appear to be running into a memory problem. The internal memory appears to be virtually full...there's not enough space for MMPlayer to buffer during playback. But I can't figure out how the device can be full. When I click on "home" and then select "delete", the programs listed don't come close to adding up to the 22 MB it claims I'm already using. Is there some kind of hidden cache that needs to be cleared? (I've dumped the DVD file onto an external 1GB SD card).
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    Try using Info from same menu to see the size of things on your treo.
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    Maybe try searching for the thread on reducing the size of the email file that tends to grow over time - this can help you get a lot of memory back if you've not done this in a while. I think the file is something like "Email_libr:..."?
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    Also check to see where your pictures are stored. Move any or all of them to your card. My memory droped down to under 10%. After I moved all of my pictures to the SD card it jumped up to 80%

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