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    Yeah, that sucks. I really wish I had the calendar sync working, but i'm not patient enough to do a hard reset and spend another 3 hours re-installing all the software applications on the treo and customizing it the way i like it. Reinstalling the backups from the computer never quite get the treo back to where I like it. Aside from the calendar not syncing, it's a good point and I'd rather do without the calendar than re-do everything.

    This shouldn't be the case though, but what are you going to do?
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    Are you still using the Chapura to hotsync, or are you now able to hotsync with Palm?

    When you first ran into the problems you were having, do you remember if you did anything new in Outlook or on the Treo? Also, you say you couldn't hotsync.. what specifically couldn't sync?
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    I found the problem, the cable was defective. It usually wouldn't even recognise the device on the cable. I got a new cable and everything is fine.

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