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    I was rather disappointed that my new Treo 650 was incompatible with my Bluetooth Dongle's audio profiles. I was kind of hoping to be able to use my PC as a speakerphone with my Treo, but the Treo doesn't see it. (even with the bluetooth Treo patch) I don't know if this is a Treo problem with the Widcomm / CSR chipset and drivers, or just with this model.

    Has anybody else out there had any luck with getting the audio profiles working with their Treo? Bluetooth Sync is all well and good, but I was hoping for more. You can also let me know if your Bluetooth Dongle is supposed to support this but doesn't. It may save me from buying another dongle, only to find it doesn't work.
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    I tried with a iogear gbu211 (which has been great about everything so far btw)
    no joy.

    Windows claims to be advertizing the service as far as I can tell, but the treo just doesn't see it.

    The treo uses it for hotsync no problem, and I have used 2 different headsets with the iogear and with the treo no problem. and I'm using a iogear mini optical bt bouse with it no problem.

    I have SP2, but I found the microsoft KB that tells how to rename btsomething.inf and reinstall the widcomm drivers and everything works now.

    No idea if the dongle is "supposed" to support it. iogear has about the worse docs I've ever seen.
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    bump? Please?

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