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    How about some thoughts on Verizon's Intellisync(which is free) vs. Versa Mail and Snapper for email?
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    I've only seen this issue mentioned once in this thread which surprises me. Does anyone else have the problem of seeing only placeholders where images are supposed to be? The very same email message, when viewed in Snappermail shows all images inline. Why?
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    Been using VersaMail for a week but I can't get SSL working with IMAP... then I saw this:

    PalmOne Versamail support for SSL

    That seems pretty whack... I don't want to have to use OE or similar which I do a hotsynch just to get secure mail.

    So what is going to be the best option for me? Chatter or Snapper? Is chatter network only like snapper, because it's really nice that versa can synch your mail against the IMAP server when you hotsynch... it just sucks that it can't nativly do SSL.
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