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    I have audible player installed in my Treo 650. It loads and plays fine , but when I plug the headphones into the jack, the sound continues to come out of the telephones speakers instead of the head phones.

    Anyone elso having this problem?

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    There have been a number of reported problems with the speaker jack and various programs. I had a problem myself. I think the problem is that if the jack doesnt fit just right, things get messed up. After I switched to one that seemed to fit "tighter" in the socket my problem went away. Before that I would get pops hiss and static if if the jack moved even a bit or even if just rotated. Also at times it seemed to mess the system up as to what got sent to the phones or speakers.

    So, my suggestion is try a different headphone (or adapter if you are usuing one) to see if that helps. It did for me.

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