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    Has anyone tried using Easysync to synchronize their visor with Lotus Notes? Does it work? If not, is there any software available to synchronize Lotus Notes and the Visor?

    Note: FYI, Lotus Notes mail is completely different from Lotus CC:mail, other wise a third party software would not be necessary.
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    I've used the Lotus version that syncs with Organizer and wasn't real happy with it. It wasn't very freindly towards the HotSync software, and seemed to do wierd things to my USB cradle setup at home (I'm not sure the Lotus software is at fault, but since I did a clean reinstall it works again...)

    I tried the demo version of Pylon but had to do all sorts of hoop-jumping to get it to work with our setup of Notes. The ability of Pylon Pro to set up Notes databases in the Palm sounds nice, but I don't need/want/use databases in Notes much, so that's not a selling feature for me.

    I'm thinking Intellisync is the way to go, but until I get a hands-on demo, I'm not shelling out any cash. One of the guys in another building at work has Intellisync, but I haven't been able to get a look at it. I just DL'd IS from PalmGear this weekend, but have not tested it yet.

    Those are the only Notes solutions I know of... anyone heard of any others?
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    Agreed...Intellisync is the way to go, especially now that they have a version that works with R5.

    I would suggest hitting the search button--you'll find this discussed ad nauseum.
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    Lotus Easysync 3.0a works file with the Visor. I only use it to sync my Notes calendar, but have heard from others that the rest of the functions work as well.

    The only trouble I had was a message when I first tried to sync my calendar saying there was a C++ API error. It turns out one of my repeating meetings had an error in it. When I deleted and recreated that meeting, my calendar synced fine.

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    Thanks for your help guys. I think I may have mislead a couple of you though. When Palm first came out there were a few beta products available for sychronization with Lotus Notes. Pylon is one of those products. I tried and tested pretty much all of them and when Lotus released Easysync my testing phase was complete. Point being, easysync worked great for the Palm Pilot, easier to setup and use than any other product and better, more accuarate results. So, you may be wondering why I posted my question if I already know so much about this topic? Well, I knew that Easysync works wonders with the Palm, I just wanted to confirm that it also works well with the Visor, before I go out and buy one.

    Thanks Again,

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