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    Greetings from a potential newbie.

    I have been interested in going converged for a long time, and have been lurking here and other similar sites for a while doing research. Now that both my palm ( 3.5 year old Sony Clie) and phone (S-E T616) are on their last legs, the wife will finally allow it. I have been wavering between Palm (Treo 650) and PPC (Siemens sx66) based devices, and was hoping y'all could clear up some questions I had about the Treo.

    1) Is there some form of the "Today Screen" seen on PPC devices? I get really jealous when my friends can look at their main screen and see their schedule, to-do list, as well as any other relevant information at a glance, while I have to push several different buttons and launch/close programs in order to glean the same information.

    2) How does the screen size compare to that of a regular PDA? I know the percieved size will be smaller because there is no grafitti area, but what I really want to know is will it affect the displayed area in my games that I play instead of working? How about displaying webpages?

    3) Is there some way to use mp3/wav files for alert tones? I know there are 3rd party apps for ringtones, but what I want is, for example, to have Special Ed from Crank Yankers tell me I've got mail in his special little way whenever I get an email or message.

    4) Is it possible to assign specific ringtones to one individual caller? I'm not talking about caller groups, I'm talking about one ringtone to one person.

    5) Picture caller ID is supported too, right?

    I guess that's all. Thanks for the input.

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    1. 2day is great has a view of schedule, tasks, also stocks, weather, # of sms messages, # of emails, missed calls, # of voice memos, its a great app

    2. The screen is amazing size is a little smaller than most but I think packing the pixels into the smaller area makes the screen that much better. I display my webpages with the use of fonts4os5 and font converter. I converted the font from datebk5 and use it with xiino, and ereader, etc. Get more text on the page.

    3. WHile I haven't tried to setup special ed as an alarm I do think this is possible.

    4. Yes it is but the have to be midi files. For some reason wave files don't work don't know why should be a fix for this I would think.

    5. Yes although the picture is a little smaller than the t600. I think for memory purposes. WIth the 600 you could only have 50 picture caller ids setup. With the 650 you can set a picture with each of your contacts.
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    Will 2Day replace my (for lack of a better term) Home screen? So that whenever I pick up the Treo off the charger it will automatically be on the screen? Or is it a program I have to launch?

    If ringtones have to be midi files, that makes it no better than my t616 in that department. If I'm getting a fancy schmancy smartphone, it had better be able to play a real music ringtone for anybody I choose!

    Anybody else have any input on this?
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    Zlauncher has a great "Today" type plugin that i love. I don't have a camera to take a screen shot right now, but mine is set so the top half of my display shows my appointments for today and tomorrow, as well as any tasks i have set up, Then the bottom half has my program launcher. I love it, and actually like it more than the Windows Mobile Today screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayzee
    For some reason wave files don't work...
    Not to be persnickety, but WAV files may be used as ringtones on the T650. I followed the instructions in this post & it works perfectly - no 3rd party apps required.

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    Who says ringtones must be midi? You can use wav, mp3, or midi. With wav, you can record your own ringtones with your own voice "i.e. My mother is on the phone" when it rings.
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    Just wanted to chime in with my two cents here.

    2Day is a fine program, but I am not down with the appearence on my Treo 650. A little too cluttered for my taste and the kicker is of course the low-resolution.

    However, there are alternatives. Two other applications are better looking and do most of what 2day does. Wassup and Today.


    As I have said, they do most of what 2Day does, but not all.

    Lastly, you can configure the datebook application to be a today screen with appointments, todo items and email. This is free and included in the OS.

    For MP3 Ringers, you can use the free Nokia Utility to convert mp3's to amr's and use them as ringers without any additional software. An extra step to convert them, but no buggy third-party software to run on the Treo either!

    Just listing some alternatives, not trying to say they're better.
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    Just to reinforce what SailRace said. The Today plugin for Zlauncher is great. I have mine set as a category tab, so it is the first thing showing when I turn on the screen. I prefer that to having it take up screen space in the regular launcher view.
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    Open Calendar, tap the icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. That's the Agenda view -- Appointments, Mail messages, To Do list.
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    In the main preferences for zlauncher, Plugin, there is a check box at the bottom that says "Plugin tab". Check it, and there is your tab.
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    is there a way to start with a certain tab at opening zlauncher.
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    Yes sort the tabs till the one you want to start with is the first tab, then in the preferences tell zlauncher to always start with first tab.

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