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    stupid question, best screen cleaner?

    what do you guys use to keep the screen from getting oily?
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    Use screen protector and wipe out with your sleeve after each phone call
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    I like Monster iClean. I use it on my Treo, my laptop, and my desktop screens. Comes with a nice microfiber cloth for lint-free, streak-free finish.

    I also use a screen protector and have to admit I often use the "sleeve hack" much of the time, then clean up the display really nice every few days with the iClean.
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    This works pretty well if you have a clean shirt sleeve or a soft cloth:

    1. brush off loose dust with a loose shirt sleeve
    2. blow off other loose dust with your mouth
    3. breath on the screen
    4. wipe it off with your sleeve
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    I wouldn't recommend buying anything from Monster, personally. Have you seen the ridiculous lawsuit? They're suing "Monster Garage" for copyright infringement. Seriously!

    Anyway, I use iKlear, which is exceptionally good - works well on any display, LCD, CRT, etc. and works well as a polish for smooth surfaces (iPods, Treos, etc.). A little pricey - but I've had mine for well over two years (the same kit) so it goes a LONG way.
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    I had no idea about the lawsuit. That is truly ludicrous.

    I have enough iClean to last me a long time. When I run out, I'll give iKlear a try.
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    Adding my vote for Apple iKlear. I bought some of the individually wrapped singles, and find it to be incredible. Not only does it clean the screen perfectly, but it puts an invisible coating that on the screen that seems to help protect it from scratches. I would highly recommend it. If you do by the packets vs. the spray and cloth, I would suggest cutting them up into thirds and storing them in 50 cent 1.5" x 1.5" plastic container you can get at Storables. The pads are meant to clean laptop screens, so they are on the large side.
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    It's a little pricey, but I am a big fan of Klear Screen. I keep "singles" in the laptop case for traveling, and a spray bottle in the office.
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    When I used to repair electronics for a living, the cleaner of choice was common ammonia diluted halfway with water. Works fine. Don't spray the device, get a paper towel damp and wipe the Treo. :-)

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    I use Eclipse optic cleaning solution (purchased for cleaning the CMOS sensor on my DSLR). Works great. Was able to get my screen spotless and streakless before applying the boxwave.
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    used toilet paper
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    i have used brillianize for years, buy the 8k size. it will last you a lifetime. i also use it for my glasses, computer, etc.
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