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    NEWBIE: Ordered first Visor and wondering what's available for us Mac folks? Apparently can't use MS Outlook... But can use Netscape Communicator.. Where do I get this link (?) so I can sync desktop w/ the Visor? Also with a modem, will I be able to configure the Visor so I can get my email on Thanks for the info.

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    I use my visor with Outlook Express 5.0. Get MultiMail to check it out! I'm thinking about going with MultiMail pro when I get a different ISP than aol (no outgoing SMTP server) so that I can REALLY run all my email accounts from Outlook express.

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    Do you use MM Mac conduit? I have been having trouble to get my first sync right with OE5. Finally I set the number of days to 1 and it seem to synchronize.

    I posted a msg in the How to/Troubleshooting forum several days ago but there were no replies.

    I got a couple messages from the Actual Software (AS), but then silence ... The suggestions from AS did not solve my problem.

    I like MMM Pro enough that despite problems with the conduit I purchased it. It works great with the modem.


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