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    I want to convert my ReplayTV shoes from Mpeg to either Xvid or Divx. I believe PocketDVD only converts DVD sources. I have tried PocketDivx, Dr. Divx and thus far audio and video are way out of sync. Still experimenting but any guidance would be appreciated. This is for Treo 650.
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    I use a 600, but it shouldn't be too much different.

    I encode with Xvid. I play (on the Treo) with MMPlayer and sync the audio/video there when/if needed. MMPlayer should be able to do this regardless of what application you use to encode.

    (I use Mac apps, so those would be of little use to you)
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    I am looking specifically for any help with encoding tools. I use and am in the process of trying the demos/freeware. I just want a tool that is fast and with good syncing to xvid or Divx.
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    What I'm saying is that with MMPlayer (assuming you are using that), you can sync up the audio/video to compensate for the lag you will get with most, if not all encoders.

    If you're using another player, I don't know what to tell you.
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    I use MMplayer, how do you compensate?
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    What are your settings in Dr. Divx, I have not had an audio sync issue, unless I encoded video at 400kbps for vid and 128 for audio. You might need to encode less because the Treo can't handle it.
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    Can you post me what settings you use in advanced in Dr. Divx and I will try that.
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    I set the audio to 128kbps at 44.1khz(for music videos), then in advance settings, I set Bit rate to 300 kbps and also have the mpeg4 tool option set (I dont remember the setting, but its the only one). If you want a better video bit rate, encode the audio less and try 350 or 400.

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