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    I am considering an upgrade for my in-flight earphones to one of these two models. Anyone tried them in such a setting? Also it appears the 6i was designed to get more 'drive' into the speakers when used with personal players. (ohms?) Should I even be worried about this with a Treo 6xx? thanks to all.
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    I have the ER-6 - i got them specifically for flights to block out the noise. So far, i'm very happy with them. You just can't beat the fact that they block out the noise (very well) AND they are tiny enough to keep in a briefcase all the time (try that with a pair of Bose...). I'd go ahead and get a replacement set of the foam earpieces though - i found they lose their shape over time but are the most comfortable earpieces (for me).
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    Yes, I have and love the ER-6's as well. I wanted a sound that was consistent with the source regardless of what it is. The increased bass of the 6i seems to be compensating for a short-coming of the source device (iPod, Treo or whatever). I can correct that with an equalizer or "bass boost" option, depending on what program you are using. The ER-6's were also a few bucks cheaper when I bought mine.
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    I agree with Mike129 - I wanted faithful sound reproduction. Get the ER-6s - you'll be happy.
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    The E6i is a better match for portable electronics. There are both wiring and slight mechanical modifications that give the tiny speakers better efficiency when used with ultra low power output devices. You won't be disappointed with either, but the 6i is specifically designed for this use.

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