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    I just received my GVDx and am trying out AportisDocs on it. I also have Tealdocs but haven't tried it yet. After reading the postings in here, it seems that Aportis is old-school or something. Is this software a bit outdated or something? Everyone seems to use Tealdoc/CSpotRun/ISilo.
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    I think people don't like AportisDoc because the "free" version is crippleware (and commercialware), and the full version is expensive compared to its competitors.

    Anyway, CSpotRun does smooth scrolling. And its free.
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    CSpotRun is fantastigreat!
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    Cutting Edge Software's SmartDoc is an excellent Doc reader, plus it allows you to edit these files. it's $20, and a 15-day demo is available from their website,

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