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    Well I was wondering if there were any new ideas on how to fix this bluetooth refusing to hotsync problem. I have done all of the previous suggestions. adding ports, reinstalling the software.. rebooting.. everytime I try to hotsync with my pc it says it cannot cause the port is in use by another application.

    to make matters worse I tried hotsyncing with the cable and it says duplicate user names are not permitted and now I cannot get the info that is on my pc back onto my phone.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to solve either of these problems I would LOVE to hear from you..

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    there is a bug in the Treo's BT.

    It is not your PC.

    After being on for a bit, the BT in the Treo "goes to sleep".

    Easiet fix is to turn BT off and back on.

    This seems to fix the problem (most of the time, but there are still issues).
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    i do not think that is it. it works fine on my laptop. but not on my pc.
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    Have you installed the CarkIt Bluetooth update?

    This seems to help the issue.

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