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    I have been messing around with versamail for the last 3 weeks. Actually have sprint's tech support on my speed dial at work.
    after finally configuring it to get both of my e-mail acc'ts successfully, it started doing the reseting thing that has been discussed in other threads. I got that fixed (thanks to the threads!!), but now every 5 minutes I get an alert that tells me "default mail acc't scheduled get failed"

    I have the sync turned off, so it shouldn't even be trying.

    I called tier 2 support, but she didn't have any clues.

    she suggested I delete all the email accounts and then re-enter them.
    I did that and it still does this.

    anyone with similar problems?

    fyi, I asked tier 2 support on a patch and she said she thought they may have one in 30 days or so.
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    Anyone have any idea on how to fix this?
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    I ended up doing a hard reset, and to date, it hasn't reoccurred. Still have some goofy problems with versa mail, but am hopeful the patch will fix it.
    good luck

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