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    ** 1.0b18.6 & 7

    * auto-complete now works in the addressee screen (i.e. the popup screen that shows multiple addressees for To, CC, and BCC)
    * fixed CE's smtp header to include the IP address of the Treo, rather than (which I was using as a placeholder)
    * fixed a problem with SMTP profiles that could cause sending to fail. There still may be issues for some people. Please send me a log if you're having problems.
    * fixed problem with "ONLINE" indication for offline folders. "ONLINE" now appears in red for the Mailbox status if it is an offline Mailbox that has been placed online via the "Go Online" menu command.
    * nudge wouldn't work with "vibrate only if ringer switch off"; this has been fixed

    ** 1.0b18.5

    * Fixes a problem with "Go Online" command
    * Fixes a recent problem that would prevent reconnects in some circumstances
    * Using rocker-down now goes from the bottom message on the screen to the "New" button
    * Added options for vibrate and/or tone "nudge" in the Notifications screen.
    * Split up "Preferences" into "Chatter Prefs" and "Interface Prefs", which fixes some navigation issues caused by the cluttered old screen.
    * The "QuickSync" menu option is now menu-S instead of menu-J (since J is Junk, this was confusing)
    * Added more logging info to help diagnose SMTP issues that a few of you have seen.
    * Fixed a problem that disrupted Message View when a message "above" it is deleted from the server.
    * Compressed mode "flash" always ends up on sender (it was somewhat random before)

    ** 1.0b18.4

    * After a "Shutdown ChatterEmail", re-entering CE now restarts the data network connection, if it was closed in the meantime. What used to happen would be a general slowdown, with CE never recovering on its own.
    * Fixed a problem related to message display and "Load More"
    * No longer add "Re: " to replies from a popup message, if the subject is already "Re: ..."
    * Typing a letter in the Folder Browser now jumps to the first Folder with that letter (at the same level in the Folder hierarchy). This is handy if you've got a LOT of Folders on your server.
    * Added a Console command, "clearaddr" that clears the "recent addresses" list used for auto-complete. If the list gets damaged for some reason, it can be cleared this way. I'll add something better later on...
    * Returned "QuickSync All" to the menu lineup, after having been on the disabled list...
    * Fixed a problem related to replying to an extra-long email address
    * Few minor cleanup items

    ** 1.0b18.3

    * Mostly small changes

    ** 1.0b18.1

    * Lots of small display fixes
    * Rocker-up going to Mailbox popup is now a "Preference"
    * Subjects are now preserved when replying from a popup message
    * Removed "QuickSync All" - it was broken
    * Fixed problem with signal indicator in Message View. And added battery meter to same.
    * Added "Toggle Small Font" to the "View" menu for T650. It ONLY works in compressed view in Folder View (it's bizarre). Making small fonts work in Message View will probably be a real pain.

    ** 1.0b18

    Some fixes and a little new (and fun) stuff...

    * I fixed the "Reply without Quotes" option. This will probably be enhanced later.
    * In Message View, spacebar now moves to the next message
    * Rocker-up no longer goes to the folder selector at the top of the list.
    * Moved battery/signal/time etc. I like this better.
    * The "Return on Delete" option should work this time.
    * Added a separator between status line on top and messages in Compressed View
    * Increased number of recent addresses stored from 32 to 64
    * "Move" properly updates the display to "grey out" the message

    * New preference "Auto Save Draft", based on a suggestion from one of you. If you're composing a message and leave the app, the Draft is saved automatically. When you next return to Chatter, you're back where you were. It seems to work (at least a little).


    ChatterEmail 1.0b17x release notes here:
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    Hooray For Marc !!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    * In Message View, spacebar now moves to the next message
    Similar behavior to the Message List screen: This only works properly when messages are sorted newest (top) to oldest (bottom). When sorted oldest-to-newest, spacebar moves to the previous message. Not sure if this is by design, but it's a bit confusing and seems inconsistent (at least to me).

    Also, the battery indicator could be moved a smidge to the left as the signal indicator sometimes blocks part of it out during refreshes (like when the arrows change from grey to green). Only by a couple pixels tho so it's no biggie.

    All the other enhancements look great!!!
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    I dig the UI changes. Keep up the visual changes, the functionality is already great.
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    I'd like to request that message deletion (the 'd' key) moves focus to the next message like the space bar does now.
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    Good idea, BobSp.

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    I really like the new battery location. I have noticed a few things:

    - When viewing an e-mail, and with the server still sending additional messages, there is a corruption of the Deletion and Reply to All buttons in the bottom of the message screen. It looks like a white rectangle extends from the envelop (in the bottom right corner) and paritally covers those buttons. This is not an issue if a message is not coming in because there is not an envelop shown in the message view if nothing is coming in.

    - When scrolling through a list of e-mails in the folder, when I use the page up function of the scroll bar on the screen it pops up to the second from the top message, hiding the top message. This even when it is certain that there is screen space enough that the page up with show the top message.

    On another note, I am seeing the regular connecting to the server (~ every minute) that seems to indicate that my Imap server does not have the IDLE function. I have written my host to see if they will offer that. Any suggestions on what to tell them to convince them to add this?
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    using 1.0b18

    Messages go green when i use the space bar in compressed view to move through the list. They stay green even when i switch back to uncompressed view. is this supposed to happen?

    otherwise, awesome! thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyler
    On another note, I am seeing the regular connecting to the server (~ every minute) that seems to indicate that my Imap server does not have the IDLE function.
    I think mine does too - is there an easy way to tell if your mail server has IDLE enabled? I'm running Exchange 2000.
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    olds - Some confusion here. Spacebar in Folder View does message SELECTION (which shows up green). Spacebar in Message View goes to the next message. Maybe it's too confusing...

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    ratsey, et al - re: IDLE

    Chatter usually detects if IDLE is available, and warns you if it isn't. Exchange should support it by default. You can send me a log that includes the use of "Reset Connections" and the minute or two following, and I can confirm this. Logging instructions are in a sticky thread on this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    olds - Some confusion here. Spacebar in Folder View does message SELECTION (which shows up green). Spacebar in Message View goes to the next message. Maybe it's too confusing...

    when i open a message to read it, space bar does nothing. when i look at the list of messages in my inbox (either compressed or not), space bar toggles them green/black. is this how it's supposed to work? it makes sense now, but the space bar still seems broken in message view.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Maybe it's too confusing...
    although the space bar takes me to the next message fine, maybe it is a little confusing...

    How about including them in the prefs->buttons menu option along with two that are currently there: "Next mailbox" and "QuickSync" ?

    Maybe include New and Reply in there too?


    p.s. First post, so have to add the obligatory "chatter is totally amazing" comment. It really really is. And its working with my fastmail account a treat. Really enjoying the recent rapid series of updates too, a nice surprise to find out what has changed. Easily the best thing I have on my treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    ** 1.0b18.1
    * Removed "QuickSync All" - it was broken
    Will that be coming back later?
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    Hotsync tells me that install fails when I try to upgrade, made sure to download the update files says that the files are already there......
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    Reset the phone holding the rocker-up until PalmPowered appears. Then release. When the Treo is up and running, hotsync the files.

    You should always use "Reset Phone" from the Sys menu before upgrading.

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    Hi, Chick.

    Are you literally typing "code" instead of your specific code?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike129
    Hi, Chick.

    Are you literally typing "code" instead of your specific code?
    To be more specific you should type "register 12345" where you substitute your registration code for "12345".
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    Right. "register 12345" , where 12345 is the code I assigned. If you haven't done so, please send me your hotsync id again so I can send you the code (assuming you no longer have it)

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    Two questions about Chattermail.... first, is it possible to move the delete X at the bottom of the screen from the right side to the left side of the row? I have to hit the right arrow five times everytime I want to delete an email and I get a lot of junk mail.

    Second, my daughter sent me several emails today and everytime I hit "reply" her name popped up in the To: field... but it was corrupted and not the correct email. Is this a bug or a problem with her email server putting her address in the wrong format? Other email programs have no problem with replying to her emails.

    BTW, this is with Chatter beta 18.1
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