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    just go into pref. screen and set up shortcut all i do is hit the letter D to delete

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    Quote Originally Posted by awerry
    Two questions about Chattermail.... first, is it possible to move the delete X at the bottom of the screen from the right side to the left side of the row? I have to hit the right arrow five times everytime I want to delete an email and I get a lot of junk mail.
    Just press the "d" key to delete the email. You may have to have One Key Command checked in your preferences for this to work (not sure if this option applies to both the list view and the message view).
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    Quote Originally Posted by TxDot
    Just press the "d" key to delete the email. You may have to have One Key Command checked in your preferences for this to work (not sure if this option applies to both the list view and the message view).

    See? You people aren't nearly as dumb as I look.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Now what to do about the munged email address on the reply?
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    awerry - Is there any way to see what's happening with that email address. I've never seen this before, so it would be good to figure out... Can you have her send me an email, for example, so I might try it on my Treo. She can send to


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    Marc, just a very small UI consistancy thing -

    In 18.1 you moved the Battery indicator in the message list view to the left by a few pixels to prevent it from overlapping with the signal indicator.... but it looks like you didn't do the same for the message view, where it still overlaps a tad. (It still overlaps in 18.3.) Just thought you'd like to know.

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    jberman - There's no pleasing some people!

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    I Cut n Paste from b17.X thread


    + Users of Treo 650's can now add videos as attachments"

    Please don't forget about us poor ($) 600 souls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    ** 1.0b18.1

    * Lots of small display fixes
    * Rocker-up going to Mailbox popup is now a "Preference"
    * Subjects are now preserved when replying from a popup message
    * Removed "QuickSync All" - it was broken
    * Fixed problem with signal indicator in Message View. And added battery meter to same.
    * Added "Toggle Small Font" to the "View" menu for T650. It ONLY works in compressed view in Folder View (it's bizarre). Making small fonts work in Message View will probably be a real pain.

    ** 1.0b18

    Some fixes and a little new (and fun) stuff...

    * I fixed the "Reply without Quotes" option. This will probably be enhanced later.
    * In Message View, spacebar now moves to the next message
    * Rocker-up no longer goes to the folder selector at the top of the list.
    * Moved battery/signal/time etc. I like this better.
    * The "Return on Delete" option should work this time.
    * Added a separator between status line on top and messages in Compressed View
    * Increased number of recent addresses stored from 32 to 64
    * "Move" properly updates the display to "grey out" the message

    * New preference "Auto Save Draft", based on a suggestion from one of you. If you're composing a message and leave the app, the Draft is saved automatically. When you next return to Chatter, you're back where you were. It seems to work (at least a little).

    I'm away from a week and WOW look at all the new stuff! Just great!

    Something I may have mentioned previously but when I...
    1) Delete/Move either one or a several messages, then
    2) while reading a message (different than those selected for delete/move) and IMAP Server pulls delete/move changes from Chatter,
    3) the message I am reading refreshes abruptly to the top of the message.

    This is annoying when reading long e-mails; is this a Palm OS thing?
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    puyi - I should be able to fix that...

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    I'm a Premier Snapper user cuz of SD storage, but I just purchased Chatter cuz I think the "push" is really sweet, and with SD coming it will fit my needs nicely.

    I've only played with Chatter for a couple days, but thought I'd make some observations after using Snapper for the last few months (feel free to ignore me) .

    One thing I like about Snapper, that was sorta mentioned above, is that to delete a mail in Snapper in folder view (?), I select the icon on the left of the message, and scroll down ONE spot to delete. Two steps. Everything is by 5-way. With Chatter, I have to scroll past reply, r-all, etc to get to delete - something like 5 or 6 steps. The "d" hint mentioned above will do, but I like staying with simpler method of the 5-way. I'm sure many users are used to it the way it, but thought I'd mention one major "smoothness" of Snapper, as I see it.

    In general, I find the Snapper UI a little more, um, professional or clean - there are more fonts available (especially in message view), and so on. This probably contributes to its size however compared to Chatter. I gather that Chatter has come a long way in a very short time so I look forward to it surpassing Snapper soon.

    Question - has anybody succeed in putting Chatter in ROM? I've created a ROM with it, but could not seem to delete it from RAM from the initial install so I haven't installed the ROM yet!!! Neither Filez nor Zlauncher File Manager would remove it... Just wondering if it would even work from ROM - someone in a different thread said they had it in ROM, but I'm wondering if it'll just make a copy in RAM to run... Thanks for any help.
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    If you search the boards, you'll find some posts from a fellow who's successfully gotten Chatter into ROM... I'm not exactly sure where.

    Regarding the UI, I don't disagree. Snapper has been around for 3 years, and has a number of full-time staff working on it. Chatter has been around for a year or so and has one part-time person working on it. My emphasis has always been on functionality first, but various UI and cleanup activities are ongoing.

    I'm not sure I understand about "everything is by 5-way", since pretty much anything can be done with the 5-way in Chatter as well. It's true that Delete takes 5-6 steps (and of course the order of that popup could be changed), but other actions are quicker (e.g. reply). And, as you said, the one-key shortcuts were an attempt to put every action within 1-2 key presses.

    Fonts in Message View are troublesome at this point (my mistake in using Handspring's API, which is VERY inflexible). If you want to do something right, you've got to do it yourself, I suppose. But I'll get there...

    Thanks for the comments.

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    Thanks for your feedback. My point on the 5-way was more about the difference in speed (number of steps to delete) - one of my accounts is for work, and if I'm at work, I tend to cruise through the mails on the Treo to clean them out since I'm reading that at my desk PC. If you'd consider changing the order by way of a poll from people, maybe there'd be interest in modifying it. If not, I'll live. Sounds like the space-bar select & "d" might be even more streamlined than what I'm used to anyways...

    As for the ROM, can you tell me how to remove it from RAM? Then I can play with the ROM and see how it works from ROM. I'll be living high if I can have Snapper & Chatter in ROM. hehe...
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    You'd want to remove chatter, chatterutils, and chatterexg from something like FileZ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    You'd want to remove chatter, chatterutils, and chatterexg from something like FileZ.

    Everytime I try to delete Chatter (using Filez), I get an error: "Error:dmatabase Open in Item:: remove()d".

    This is even after I "Shutdown Chatter Email"... It doesn't wanna go away. I was able to delete the other two files, but I can't seem to delete the main file. I haven't come across a file in RAM which couldn't be deleted somehow...

    Sorry this is so off-topic.
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    Have you tried soft-resetting (making sure Chatter doesn't restart on reset) and then go to FileZ and delete? That should work.
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    The EASIEST way to upgrade (or removal all of Chatter) is to use Chatter's "Reset Phone" command.

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    Thanks - successfully deleted.

    Question - is there an issue with b18.3 that loses account info after soft-reset? The "add mailbox" screen comes up instead of the "edit mailbox", but the main account page seems lost (?). I thought it was an issue when loaded in ROM, but after giving up on ROM, I reloaded into RAM, and it still does that..
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    airjoe - There aren't any changes to the "Reset" code (which just calls the system reset function), and haven't been for months. That's very strange. So you're saying that ONE Mailbox is missing??

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    ** 1.0b18.4

    * Typing a letter in the Folder Browser now jumps to the first Folder with that letter (at the same level in the Folder hierarchy). This is handy if you've got a LOT of Folders on your server.
    Wow, this is fantastic. Thank you Marc!!!

    One observation about this: It works great on the first letter press, but if you have to jump to a different folder (if you mistype or something), it only works if that folder is alphabetically LATER than the first letter you pressed. An example:

    Type M, then V - you end up at the "V" folders, as you should
    Type M, then F - you end up at the "M" folders (you should be on F)

    Otherwise, GREAT GREAT GREAT enhancement!!!!
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    Not sure what was going on, but I've deleted/reloaded a few times, and it seems randomly to "erase" my inbox (can't get to it), and I can't modify server settings. I get the "add mailbox" screen but not the edit mailbox screen with server settings (at the main Inbox)...

    I must have been missing a step in the complete delete of Chatter, or it takes a while to establish (?) - oh well. It's working now, and from ROM I might add! Couldn't get it to run from ROM earlier today, but it's working now.

    Thanks for your continued interest and support while I pestered you.
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