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    Hi, today my new Treo 600 arrived in Germany. I bought it from a Guy the USA an he told me, that this phone is unlocked. Hmm, but when I fixed my SIM Card, it doesn´t work. There´s a message: This SIM doesn´t work with this phone. Now the Guy told me, here are more people. Maybe here is one, who can help me. PLEASE.... Im waiting for reply....
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    Maybe the SIM card is incompatible with the Treo600? I think I read somewhere that some older SIM cards do not work with the Treo600. Can you get a new one or try another SIM card from someone else? Try doing a search on the forums on 'old sim card'.

    Also, MAYBE the phone is not unlocked? That could be your problem. If so, you will need unlock codes to unlock it. Some Internet sites do offer this for a price. I think some people on this board have found some reputable ones, again, do a search.

    Good luck.
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    My Treo worked fine with an old Voicestream Card, so I don't think that is your problem. Did the box your 'new' Treo came in have an AT&T logo on it??

    If your Treo is locked, don't pay someone to unlock it! There is plenty of info on how to unlock here on Treo Central! Good luck.
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