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    Hey Guys,

    I have an unlocked Treo 600 and I am trying to get my internet to work. I'm with T-Mobile and I wanted to see if you guys know the settings that I should put in the treo to let me browse the net. Also does anyone here know where I can get the AOL Instant messenger? Thanks guys!
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    I also got an unlocked ATT Treo 600 on T-mobile. After I called 611 and added the $20 VPN plan, within an hours or two, I was up and running. No setting needed. Still think the $20/mo a pretty good deal.

    FYI, the VPN plan gives you a puclic IP, instead of a private one. I still can't use my company's SMTP server though, which requires a VPN connection. But I am using gmail as SMTP.

    Verichat works well with YM, MSN and ICQ. I don't use AIM, so no idea about that.
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    Causerie ( is good too for AIM, YM, MSN, ICQ, JABBER etc. I'd avoid AOL clients as they are reset-city prone
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    In order to get on the net with TMobile, you have to pay $20/month for internet access. If you don't want to do that, go to the AIM link above and you can do it that way. I use Yahoo & AIM, without signing up for web access. I figure I have it at home and at work, I don't need it for the commute to and from work.
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    there is a side door with t zones and tech support will help so that you can get email and not have to pay for the full blown internet.
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    There is? What do you do? Just call and ask for email access on your Treo 600?

    -- Jason
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    no need to do that. Write to PDA Apps support and ask them for the T-zones version of Verichat.

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