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    Tried hotsyncing today and it just stays on synchronizing pics & videos on the 650 and synchronizing media on the desktop. I've let it sync for over an hour and still nothing.

    Any suggestions? I've tried cancelling, rebooting and doing it again but still no luck.

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    hotsyncing media files can take a really long time. If you are trying to put a video file on there I would let it run overnight. Music is faster, but still s..l..o...w..... If you want significantly faster transfers, you should look into getting a media reader. They are not that expensive (like $30) and they handle the load with ease.
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    smartphone: are you HSing over bluetooth or USB?

    If you're doing BT, like Sweetback says, it can take a really, really long time.
    You may also have a corrupted movie, this happened to me once. I had to delete it before I could hotsync again.

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