Using a Treo 300 and Win 98SE.

Just bought a copy fo Documents to go 6.0 on ebay. It appears to have the original Registration and activation codes. The problem is when I install on my PC when I get to the point where I enter those codes, when I hit next, nothing happens. I've deleted everything in my TEMP folder (as recomended by D2G), didn't help. I tried installing as an evaluation (as recomended by D2G). Still nothing. Even downloaded the update from D2G, then did all the above steps, NOTHING. As most people know D2G won't talk to you after a newer version comes out.

There is a series of letters on the botom left of the install screen DXTGPREM, not sure if that means anything to anyone.

I have never had D2G installed on this PC and never in this phone

Someone please help.