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    Will this work on a Pocket PC?
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    SM, will you be using the snowblower to modify this stylus upgrade? If so please be sure to anchor the stylus...I was using a lawnmover and the wind shear caused by the moving blades wound up shooting my stylus through an open neighbors window. I would ask for it back, but the neighbor is a Windows Mobile programmer who hates Palm and thus has been laughing at my Stylusless Treo
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    this forum is "NVTS" Nuts !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sabrewolf
    this forum is "NVTS" Nuts !!!

    omg...I'm cracking up at this thread... my husband is trying to sleep and I keep giggling my a** off.

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    LOL @ stylus warranty. I don't use the stylus. I use a big pen with a big fat rubber grip and a stylus tip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gt5l
    please explain some more, the street is covered with a foot of snow and I cannot wait to try this upgrade.
    You're supposed to wait until the snow melts? Oh, hell! Anyone got a spare stylus?
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    well thank god that we have people like "PDXWilliam". i can sleep at night again!
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    =======NYC WARNING=======

    I live in NYC and I atempted the stylus upgrade. I got caught in the act and I received a "Curb Your Stylus" ticket from the NYPD.

    Now I have to go to court but I am afraid I will miss the court date because if I enter one more event in my calendar I may run out of memory.

    As a work around I used VersaMail to email my self a reminder of the court date. However I have been waiting all night to receive my email. It seems that my VersaMail is set to autofetch every 15 minutes, but it only autofetches once a week.

    I tried to call the court to confirm my court date but there was such a long delay in dialing that I hit the send button again only to disconect the call because I double dialed.

    Then I decided I would just write the court date down on a little scrap of paper and stick it in the battery compartment. However a few hours later my Treo needed a hard reset. The paper must have dropped out when I removed the cover to hard reset.

    Then I got the bright idea to put my court date in the birthday field of one of my contacts. I then changed my mind and deleted just the birthday in the calendar. However for some reason it deleted my entire contact.

    anyone else?
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    What did you say? I missed all of that because I live in one of those cutting edge parts of the country that has electricity and so my bluetooth headset doesn't work because of the interference...

    But why focus on the negative?

    Instead, you could have just taken the ticket, then stalked the officer for a little while after that and focus on him from a nearby corner or doorway while he accepts a bribe or the services of one of the nice women on 42nd street and snap a few bright, sharp pictures. Just think of the fix you'd have been in if you had to try that with your old 600? The court would say "What's this a joke? You say there is a man in blue in the middle of this picture that is all blue?? What's next? A painting of a polar bear on an iceberge in a blizzard?"
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    Free mod!!!

    I just did it and it works great, thanks!!

    Ya right!
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    I saw this on MTV's Pimp My Treo
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    I just submitted this mod/hack to
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    This is the funniest thread I have ever read. I'm lmao.
    As far as the stylus being to loose in the phone, just bend it a little bit.
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    This is another example how P1 has failed to upgrade since the 600. You would have thought that the stylus would have received an upgrade too with the 650. I am now heading back to sprint to return my 650 and I will wait for the 700 to come out with this street upgrade already included!
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    Where's the paypal link we can donate to?!?!?!
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    I've seen other posts on surgery to remove the camera from the Treo. Maybe this method can be applied for that as well.....
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    today..i was waiting outside my auditorium for my next class...and well i was playing klondike...all of a sudden the stylus fell into the grout of the floor tiles...i went and picked it up...and low and behold as i returned to the upright position, campus security was there slapping me a ticket for indicent exposure.....dang you stylus...dang you!!!
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    I commissioned the real team of doctors from the movie "Face Off" with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage to transplant my Treo 650 screen on to my Treo 600. We thought everything went OK. After the procedure was done we realized that the Treo 650 screen will only operate properly when used with the correct (650) stylus. However the Treo 650 stylus does not fit in the Treo 600 body. Does anyone think that Palm is working on a patch for this problem?
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    I dont know if the original poster was being serious; but this is the funniest nonsense I've read in quite a while.D
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