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    I know there is a HUGE thread for TomTom here, but I have a slightly different question, so I thought I'd start a new one.

    I just got mine and LOVE it so far.

    I downloaded a couple of apps for GPS which apparently don't work with Bluetooth GPS receivers.....unless I'm doing something wrong. One is GeoNiche 1.34 and the other Trax 1.0. Neither one of them see the GPS signal. Does anyone know if there are other applications that will work with the TomTom GPS bluetooth receiver? Would these apps have worked if I had used a wired receiver?
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    I dont have a TomTom gps receiver, but you should Try CetusGPS. You need to configure it for bluetooth, but it should work. Its a great program. If that doesn't work, try Cotogps. With CetusGPS, you can sav waypoints and tracks. Then upload them to your computer and view them over a satellite image. Its interesting and you should try it.

    Heres the direct link to download the software

    If you want the pc software, try easygps or expert gps. You can find the links on the in the download section.
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    Thanks for the info. I will try these. However, I am an *****. I figured out how to configure all of those programs to work. I didn't realize you had tell the program you were using bluetooth. So far, all of them I have tried now have worked. VERY COOL. I have tried CotoGPS. I will also try your suggestion of CetusGPS11.

    Thanks again. This forum is GREAT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sndtubes
    I downloaded a couple of apps for GPS which apparently don't work with ... One is GeoNiche 1.34
    I am glad to see that you got the BlueTooth GPS receiver thing working.

    I thought you might like to know that there has been a major update to GeoNiche. It now has better BlueTooth and Treo 650 support.

    Version 1.40 can be found at

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