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    HI all,

    Forgive me if this is listed elsewhere, a searched did not turn up anything useful for me.

    I would like some software that will allow me to capture the IR codes from my universal remote into my Treo 650. I realize that the IR port is not strong enough to be a useful remote. What I want to do is take my existing learning remote (which I have spent a great deal of time programming from about 7 other remote controls) and simply have a 'backup' of the codes. This way if the universal remote dies, I don't have to re-teach it from all my other remotes, just from the Treo.

    Does this plan sound reasonable? If so, any ideas of what I could use to accomplish it? Should I just use the NoviRemote softare to learn the commands and keep them there, or is there a better way? Could I ask any more questions?

    Thanks in advance,

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    your better bet is to use a cheap universal learning remote, say
    from ebay or sum-such. sometimes this simply wont work going from
    a regular remote, to a learning remote, and then another learning remote,
    ie novi or generick. due to some discrepencies in ir patterns, the ir signal
    is not captured properly, and there is a signal loss-sortof. it may be worth
    a try to borrow a friends remote to test it.

    ohh, and by the way, sont RM-xxx style remotes that do learning can
    send a "Backup" of all functions learned to a similar style sony RM-xxx series
    remote. ive got one of the wedge style hand remotes, not the table-top ones.
    and the only complaint i have is it not repeating a command such as the
    volume button when its held down. so i gotta press it a bazillion times.....

    have fun!
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    Thanks, it is a Sony RM Remote Commander, the tabletop one. I wonder if I can purchase a cheaper Sony RM remote and just back everything up to that.

    I don't have that volume issue, but the volume functions I use are ones that are from built in device codes, not learned, sounds like a pain in the arse.

    Thanks for the help

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    A little off subject, but the Logitech Harmony remotes kick ****! ( ) It will back up your IR data to the internet if it ever dies, and the support is great too. It's really only for techo-geeks, but aren't we all that anyways?

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