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    I had a Treo 600 for almost a year, and hated the camera. Tried to use it a few times and gave up because of picture quality. I recently replaced it with a 650, and old habits die hard, I still wasn't using the camera function.

    Then, this last weekend, I was out on the lake in my sailboat, watching my brother play with his "rescued" Rhodess 22 (he bought it cheap from the marina after they seized it for non-payment of slip fees).

    I was watching him and wishing I'd brought my digital camera because it was looking pretty good for a $500 boat. Then I remembered the 650. I took it out, took a couple dozen pictures, then remembered that one of the problems I had with the 600 was that the lens always seemed smudged when I used it. So, I cleaned the lens off, took about a dozen more, and those turned out pretty decent.

    The pictures have not been altered, except to crop "realign" the horizon where I had a couple at the wrong angle. Nothing to enhance color, lightiing, contrast, etc. I suspect with a little work, they'd be very nice pics.

    Anyway, if your interested, you can see them at
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    while still not digital camera level pics, the 650 has heaps better pic quality than the 600.
    The situation you described is a perfect example of where the cam of the 650 is strong..
    I've got the same with the cam of my sony UX50, very average camera, but when you need a camera unexpectedly, it is great to have one that takes a (half)decent shot..
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    No fair! I want a nice sailboat for less than the price of a Treo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markito
    No fair! I want a nice sailboat for less than the price of a Treo!
    Actually, you would be surprised at the deals that are out there. He ended up with that boat almost by accident. He went in to bid on an Ericsson 23 that was really in decent shape. There was a hatch missing, so there was about 6 inches of water in the cabin, but believe me, that can be cleaned and repaired simply. However, AFTER he bid $500 on that boat, we discovered it was a fixed keel, and wouldn't fit on my trailer (mine is for a 25' centerboard boat). So, we went to the marina office, where they told us they had two other seized boats that had not previously sold. He got the Rhodes 22 for the same price.

    My point is, go shop some marina's. Let them know you're interested in lien sales and then keep in touch with them. What happens is that someone loses interest in the boat, and ends up paying hundres (or thousands) a year for slip fees, gets behind, and the marina wants it gone to make room for PAYING customers.

    Just make sure you have a place you can put it (that you can afford) after it's yours!

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