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    I accidentally deleted (tried to copy it to my Card) SPLASHID from my Treo650.

    I want to restore it, but I am unable to use Quick Install. Everytime I add it to quick install from my backup directory, the HotSync fails. If I simply copy the two files to my SD card, the it says this is a trial version and all my passowrds are gone.

    Can anyone help me here? How do I get"
    1. Quick Install working
    2. SplashID back on my Treo650 with its data ...

    Thanks in advance,
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    Go into your backup folder on your computer and immediately copy SplashIDDB2-SpId.PDB to your desktop. That way you won't lose your passwords (if you haven't already).

    Then just reinstall the whole thing as normal, then install that file, and you should be good to go (you might need to re-enter your reg #).
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    I think its gone....(THE DB, that is...) any idea where else it might be sotred.... (Insert loud cursing and gnashing of teeth here)
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    OK....found a recent backup o my backup server. I think I may be good to go...
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    I use BackupBuddy. It saves deleted applications and databases in an archive folder on your PC. That feature has saved me trouble more than once.
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    Now, my new problem is that whenever I put anythign in the Palm Quick Install my synch doesn't work. I put files in either Phone or available card section and then close it. When I synch it says a file is open and stops immediately. I have even rebooted the PC, but as long as there are any files in the Quick Install it will not synch. I even tried re-installing the Treo software. Still no luck.

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