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    Has anyone seen this behavior on the Treo 650 and is there any fix for this?

    - I have a contact list of 7000 and the size of it 4MB on the handheld and whenever I perform a soft reset, it creates an additional contact database with another 4MB (total 8 MB). The same thing happens for the calendar, tasks and memos.

    Can anyone help????? PLEASE ?????? Many thanks!!!!!
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    i can help, if you are not using DateBook5 or other 3rd party cal or contacts app, delete the Address, Datebook, Mome, and task that DO NOT have DB-Pxxx i.e. dlete the files that have the DB alone without the -Pxxx after it. I manually delete these files after every soft reset. 3rd party apps use these files.
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    Yes, I've tried that fix already. It's kind of a hassle, especially if it soft resets over and over again. Does PalmOne know about this issue?
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    I think they do, they intentionally bring back these databases after reset to keep 3rd party app working. I asked someone to write a small app that would automatically delete these files after soft reset but I have not heard back from him yet, jeffgibson is his member's id. email him maybe if he senses interest he would work on this issue.

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