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    Hello all - I need some help... I have a replacement Treo 600 coming in from PalmOne. I originally bought it as an unlocked AT&T phone (I am with TMobile). Now that the replacement will be coming in, 2 questions:

    1. The phone will be locked to AT&T - what is the easiest way to unlock it for use on TMobile??

    2. What is the easiest and cleanest way to move data from my old Treo (still functions) to the new one? Do I just resync it and everything that was backed up will re-sync? The only non-standard app I care about is Snappermail & my mail settings...will I just have to re-install and put the settings in again?

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    I have been waiting for a replacement from palmone since 12/17/2004 hope you are not waiting as long as i
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    I Feel your pain!! ...I've also been waiting since 12/17 (ironically)....I had NOTHING but problems with them in this process....unacceptable how long it has taken...and now my phone is out on a DHL truck going to the WRONG address. ANYways.... you should get yours very soon as it looks like they are finally shipping them.

    I just need to know how to get it set up now....any help appreciated!
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    1. Check the Treo600 forum on

    2. Short of having an SD card and a backup program, resynching to your new device "should" restore most everything. In some cases you may have to re-enter reg codes or obtain new ones, if you use a different HotSync ID or if registration is based on your phone's serial number.
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