I have been running Hotsync for quite a while in one form or another (different versions since the Palm V - now for the Treo 650). I run Windows Firewall as well as McAfee Firewall, however I cannot get McAfee to remember to allow Hotsync to run. I am also running Beyond Contacts (Awesome program if you're a power Outlook user) and right before that part of the Hotsync begins McAfee prompts me saying that the process is attempting to access the Internet and whether to Block it or Allow it... I always choose Allow - which usually (and supposed to) sets it so that the application remembers it has permission the next time it attempts to access the Internet... but ever since installing the Hotsync version that came with the 650 (did NOT have this problem with the 600) I need to click "Allow" just about EVERY time I Hotsync... which is getting pretty annoying... anyone else have this issue? ...any thoughts?