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    Got an email from BB about a new version. It will allow you to backup over the internet to for free. While this is seems a good idea, I am real reluctant to dump all my PDA data onto someone else's system. I keep a lot of personal data on my VDX and while the real important stuff is encrypted, I still don't want to rely on someone else to keep it secure. It seems a bit over cautious too, what are the chances of a PDA and a PC crashing at the same time? I am not going to use the feature, but am interested in any thoughts about it.

    I also like the new springboard backup feature. If I do go into more memory with a spingboard, it is good to know that BB will get it all. The springboard backup can't do this.
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    I've upgraded, and it is working fine now. On my first sync and backup, my Visor locked up while backing-up the flash module. I disabled Phlegm Hack (the only Hack I had active at the time), and things went fine on a second try.
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    The new "backup your FlashRam springboard" option is great!
    The only problem is that Backup Buddy cannot restore the files to the springboard.
    But that just means you'll have to do it manually. The files are archived in a separate folder.

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