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    I can transfer a 62 meg audible audiobook in less than 10 minutes (through a USB 1.0, Hotsync cable), but it takes 20 minutes for me to upload a 4 meg mp3 file to the sd card. I'm convinced that the limitation is in the Hotsync software, not the hardware. PalmOne programmers need to learn a thing or two from the Audible programmers. There is something wrong with this picture.

    Anyone know of a faster Hotsync software for the SD card?
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    Get a card reader, copy it the card and install from there..
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    Quote Originally Posted by worker4youth
    but it takes 20 minutes for me to upload a 4 meg mp3 file to the sd card.
    As a point of comparison, last night I transferred 800 MB of mp3's to my 1GB SD card (PNY) via a USB 2.0 card reader (Crucial) in about 3 minutes. Paid $9.99 for the reader with free shipping.
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    Hi webtools - Could you send me the link to where you bought the Crucial card reader? Sounds like you have not had any problems with this reader working with the 1GB card either, is that correct?
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    Here's the link for the reader:

    I have had very good success so far reading/writing/deleting via the reader. And I like the small form factor. It also comes with an extension USB cable.
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    Card readers are going on ebay for 99 cents with $5 shipping.

    But it is still the principle of the matter. It's so much more convenient to leave it in the phone, and just hotsync it...if audible can do it quickly, we should be able to load mp3s faster. I'm convinced it's purely a software issue.
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    My PC has built-in card readers but I haven't used it since I got Card Export II by Softick. You launch it on your Treo and you card appears as a drive on your PC. You don't even have to install anything on the PC. It is quite fast and extremely convenient since you don't have to take out your card. The only caveat is that if you use CardKeeper you have to tell it to NOT detect unmounted card while you are using Card Export.
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