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    I just installed Chatter 1.0b17.15 and I noticed that the dates on my old e-mails stop at January 2nd. Anything later than that appears correctly, but anything earlier is Jan 2 no matter what the actual e-mail date is. This really ruins sorting on folders with older messages, not to mention presenting outright false information if that's something you needed to look up.
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    Wow. I've never heard that one before!

    Were these emails just loaded? (In other words, did they ever appear correctly?)

    Offhand, I'd guess it's a problem with your server and the times that are being presented to Chatter when the messages are loaded.

    Can you try reloading the messages with logging on (there are logging instructions on this forum)? To reload, go to Console and type "reload".

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    E-mail sent. This is my first Treo and my first time with Chatter, so it's never worked correctly for me. It works fine in Mozilla Thunderbird.
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    Okay, I think I have this problem figured out.

    I set up a test mailbox that I could give you access to for debugging. I copied four mailing list messages to it of various dates and tried 1.0b18.5 with it. All the dates showed up in Chatter as a few minutes ago.

    It appears Chatter isn't using the date specified in the e-mail's headers, but some other date it gets when communicating with the server. That appears to be the date the message was put on the server, but if someone recently migrated to a new server, that's not the same as the date the message was received.

    It makes sense for my original problem as well, since I moved my old mail to a new server not that long ago.

    Is this something you'd be willing to fix? I know this situation doesn't come up that often, but it would make a big difference when it does. Mozilla Thunderbird and SquirrelMail webmail both handle it correctly. I can still PM you the test account settings if you want them, but I think the problem's pretty much figured out.
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    greg - It's low on my list right now, because it's as much a server issue as it is a Chatter issue. Chatter uses the INTERNALDATE of the message, as defined in the IMAP RFC. According to the RFC, the server SHOULD (it's not required, but I haven't had this come up in 6+ months) use the date the original message was received as the INTERNALDATE. Messages copied from one mailbox to another should preserve that date.

    To use the actual sending date is something of a pain at this point (i.e. so near release).


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