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    I've been following the voice quality threads and have recently noticed something strange about my T650. After going through a hard reset, I found the system sounds to be quite loud. So I went into preferences to reduce the level and found the level setting was not so high. I played around with different levels and definitely the level that was effective after the reset was out of sync with the level setting.

    As I write this, I went into sound preferences to check my current state. I was hearing system clicks with the usual stylus taps. To my surprise, system volume was set to off in the preferences, as was game volume. Now, if I tap System Volume Off twice I still heare a tone. Tap it twice again and the device is quite. Now if I tap Game Volume Off twice it is silent, but responds audibly for the next two taps. Bear in mind that through all of this both settings always read "off". Now after having tapped two times on Game Volume Off, if I exit to the launcher the system sounds are still on, even though the preferences say they are not.

    Anybody else able to duplicate this?

    This has me thinking that maybe the whole voice quality issue might be related to the device not having stable sound level settings for generated sounds, nevermind the background noise filtering theory.
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    You may have an older version of KeyCapps600 - try this...
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    Dead link. What's KeyCapps600?

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