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    Any fellow students have a favorite program for organizing their school life?

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    I tried the free version of Due Yesterday and didn't like it, it was too limited. I ended up purchasing Four.Zero since someone on this board had recommended it, its a pretty good product for the price. I haven't tried the pay version of Due Yesterday, but I assume its comparable to

    I used to never use an organizer for school work or anything until I got the Visor, its made me a lot more organized.

    -Matthew Nichols
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    I use dueyesterday and its the same features whether you register or just register if you want out of courtsey.....but anyone has used the regeisterd version of and the other one?
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    Well, I use, I never used Due Yeseterday fully, but is ideal "keep your grades" program, it supports weighting, dropping, you can set the different percentages for what equals what grade, you can do a 'what if' thing, it's really well done, it even tell you your GPA (and grades!). You can put down teacher names, course numbers, and everything! It's one awesome application for school. Oh yeah, you can set the stuff individually for each class, you cna also set categories, and tell it how much percentage goes to each category, the list goes on and on...

    Give it a shot, you might like it! I certainly do!

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    hey jon......I just bought last nite...but i have one questin..the "what if" function does not seem to work on mine....if i like change the grades in "what if" the grade on the bottn doesn't change at all!! no matter what..that defeats the whole purpose......any answers?
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    Whoa, interesting, I just tried it myself, and it doesn't work..

    I'm gonna go email the author and ask him about it.

    I'll let you know if he says anything.
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    i have one questin..the "what if" function does not seem to work on mine....if i like change the grades in "what if" the grade on the bottun doesn't change at all!!
    I discovered this today as well, but after some experimenting I found the answer. The "what if" function is intended for those that know what assignments they will have later and what the maximum for these assignments will be. In order to get "what if" to work, you have to enter in assignments that you will be getting in the future, and the "total possible" points. Just don't enter in a "points received" (obviously you can't if you haven't done the assignment yet). The "what if" will then work by subbing in different values for the "points received" in each of these unfinished assignments.

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    I did email the author last night, and he did respond, and he basically emailed back what CYMagic wrote above.
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    Due Yesterday and Four.Zero is nice, but I use GWiz, a piece of software made for people with more "basic" needs. GWiz is simpler to use, and doesn't cost as much. Try it:

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