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    So I upgraded to the 650 recently and was unsure what to do with my 600. Keep it as my backup phone, sell it on Ebay, etc. For the moment, deactivated, it merely served as an extra device so both my sons could play Zap! at the same time. Today I had an emergency and had to leave the house real quick... no car charger yet (why did they not include one in the box?) and only 1 wll charger.. at the office.. and a day's worth of calls and emails in front of me. I grabbed my mostly charged 650 and my fully charged 600 as I headed out the door.. called Sprint and had my backup $20/month phone line with vision (ok maybe $25 with Vision) transfered to the 600 in about 10 minutes and I was in business... I made calls and emails from the 600, keeping the 650 for incoming calls.. with the added benefit of being able to email and surf on the 600 while talking on the 650. Ok.. visually geek I know, bu it works for me. Ran low on charge on both devices.. but had service all day. Recharged when I hit the office and ordered travel chargers, extra battery etc. for th 650 when I got home (from Treocentral.. of course). I am keeping my 600.. at least for now. Anyone else care to share similar experiences or thoughts?
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    Sell your 600 while you can
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    My wife and I have two 650s coming anytime soon from VC. We will be keeping our current 600s until some of the issues with the 650s will be resolved. Eventually, one 650 and a 600 (BOD AUG04) will still be active with the number from our home state with one 650 using a local VA number.

    At first, we had thought about selling both 600s but these later versions have continued to perform flawlessly. We rely heavily on these devices so we will keep one or both. No hurry to sell either of them. Still have a KyoPDQ (brick) & a perfect 6035 both inactive.

    I had hoped that by the time we would get our 650s, P1 would've had a fix. Up to now, that hasn't happened but, some of our dedicated and wonderful fellow TCers have done a superb job of identifying problems, sharing experiences, and overcoming many issues. Our hats off to them!

    If your 600 is working fine, I would keep it as a standby.
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