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    I just got my 650 and it is charging overnight. I am currently using a Visor Deluxe. I don't have any third party apps on it. After reading the installation instructions it appears It would be OK to just synchronize direcly from Outlook. Or do I need to go through the procedure of renaming the backup folder etc. on the Palm website.

    It seems like a clean install creates fewer problems according to the info I have seen on Treocentral.

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    Just like Windows, a "clean install" is the best approach. If you're currently using the version of the Palm Desktop that came with the DLX, you will need to upgrade to the version of PD that shipped with the 650. And, if you do an upgrade install - rather than a clean install - of the Palm Desktop, the new version will be able to determine what apps, currently on your DLX, will not be compatible with the 650 and will thus remove them from the pool when you do your first 650 sync.

    But the common wisdom on these boards is that you want to do everything clean. You should try to make a list of what's on your DLX (with 8MB, it can't be much), and start checking sites to see if there are updates so Palm Desktop doesn't have to figure it out for you. Then sync the new versions of the apps to keep it clean.
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