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    I'm trying out mp3ringer.

    I've set up converted .mp3 files (.pdb in RAM) as ringers for known and unknown caller.

    In addition, I have set up a few .mp3s on the SD card for certain contacts.

    Everything seems to work fine.

    I wanted to find out what would happen if the SD card was removed and a call came in from a contact with a distinct ring. So I set my wife's number to play a distinct ring, removed the SD card, called from her phone, and the call screen came up but no ringtone (mp3, midi, or otherwise) played.

    So her contact was actually part of two being unique to her number, the other being known callers.

    Would it be possible to have the application default to the known caller ringtone from internal RAM if it's not able to locate the ringer/SD card?
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    The proper way to do this is to use the "Card Ejection Ringtone" system ringer. edit it and then convert a sound from the card to the ram and the select it. Make sure you enable the ringer.

    Now when your card becomes ejected mp3Ringer/Lightwav will use the card ejection ringtone.
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    Thanks. I'll give that a shot.

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