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    HA Password, Primary HA and Secondary HA. what are those, do they have to be change, if yes to what.

    when you go to PREF -> Network -> Details.

    what are the numbers please. are they different from different cie ( ex Verizon to Sprint ????
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    Bell tech told me that I don't need to enter anything there, however he asked me to try to connect with "Molbile IP" box checked and then try again with it unchecked. I wonder if your problem could be that your ESN is not in their database...that's what the guy told me, although mine is activated and voice is working. Should get them to troubleshoot it and have them look up you ESN in their database, just don't mention Sprint phone and see how far they get with that.

    Call bell tech at 1877data123 and let me know how it goes
    Good Luck!

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